a coffee kind of day

April 27, 2011

Pretty much I’ve sworn off coffee.  But it’s chilly and raining (which has pretty much been true about this entire month, holy hell Mother Nature, what gives?) and today calls for working at the hipster coffee place up the road from our apartment.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do the herbal tea thing.  No offense, celestial seasons, but I need my daytime beverages to work harder.  So I’m hunkered down now with a latte and a tiny little vegan cupcake that’s so cute you want to kiss it.  Hello, lunch.

(Not only is it raining, but someone is sitting in my favorite chair.  I’m giving him the evil eye.)

But this corner where I’m now sitting has the benefit of a really fantastic color on the wall, and I’ve taken its picture because someday when we move into an arts and crafts bungalow or some such similar period kind of a place, I’d like this color on a dining room wall please.  It’s kind of an avocado color.


One comment

  1. Sending “vacate favorite chair” vibes…

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