TAL, I salute you

April 7, 2011

Last month I finally caved and became a WBEZ high fidelity member, which means I now give them a little bit of money every month, instead of a lot of money once a year. It isn’t a ton of money in the grand scheme of a ton of money, in fact it probably breaks down into just a piddly amount of money, but it is what it is. I resisted for a long time because I actually like pledging, and once you become a high fidelity member you don’t have to do that any longer. The whole point in fact is that you don’t have to call and make a pledge ever, ever again.

But I like listening to the pledge breaks, and I like holding out to wait for a matching donation hour and basically I like hearing the pitch from all the people at the station who normally never get to be on the radio. It’s only a matter of time until they get the night security guard on there, and I like to call when people like that are pitching.

(On a different note, I’ve also learned that if you pledge during rush hour, and if they happen to thank you on-air, then you will hear from every person in the Chicago area that you have ever known at any point in your entire life, because it turns out that all of those people listen to WBEZ too.)

So anyway, I was ambivalent about the high fidelity thing. But this time they had a special on the This American Life flash drive – become a high fidelity member and it can be yours for a discount, and it seemed like a fun thing to have, and so…like that. The flash drive arrived this week, and honestly, I was thinking it would be a little metal thing with a TAL logo on it, but it’s cooler than that.

swag done right

The letters are made out of rubber and it comes in its own little box and Paula immediately co-opted it for her desk at work. At some point we’ll even download its contents and listen to some episodes. Nice.



  1. RadioFree! Great to see you back again! So, if you never have to make a pledge ever, ever again, is this your last thank-you gift? Like, [gulp] forever… ?

  2. I hate to admit ignorance, but what is a flash drive? I am deplorably old-fashioned….

  3. Yay! Radio Free Anne is back in action.

  4. The irony astounds me. HA!

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