the news, it is good

April 5, 2010

ok y’all, I have news.

The apartment is rented.  It went to the first people (I think) who came to see it, which confirmed my general learning from this phase of the process –

* It’s not that easy to rent out an apartment on your own.

* It’s super easy for a professional company to rent it out for you, and now that I’ve seen all they’ve done I don’t even begrudge them the month’s rent it cost me to use their service.  Thanks Chicago Apartment Finders.

Thanks everyone for going on this journey with me.  Now that it’s done I feel like it might be time to make some radio again.  I’m not sure what it will be about, but I’ll think of something.  It’s been too long since I dug out the microphone and put on some headphones.  That’s it….over and out.  Peace.



  1. Hooray! I’m so glad they sound like they’ll be great tenants, and that you are pleased with the work Chicago Apartment Finders did. As a professional Realtor, I of course knew perfectly well that doing it yourself isn’t easy; but nobody ever believes that till they try – not even my daughters!

  2. Good for you Anne. I’m looking for a place of my own right now and I’ve used The Apartment People before, but not Chicago Apartment Finders. I might look through them this time too.

    Celebration drinks I hope? Yes? What kind?

  3. Oh yes, the champagne is chillin’.

  4. Yay! Mazel tov!

  5. Great news. Congratulations. But does this mean no more blog posts? Surely you’ll need to blog about how you “help” the renters decorate your — I mean their — apartment.

  6. Congrats Anne! I hope this isn’t the end of the blog though … hello to Katie Mac!

  7. hi kim – not the end of the blog, but a definite break. I’m gonna do some radio for awhile and next time I’ve got a blog-worthy project I’ll pick it back up again. I’ll pass on your hello to Katie, that will make her smile.

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