the home stretch

March 19, 2010

This project went so quickly to begin with, didn’t it? Ohhhh the home stretch is slow.  I’ve learned a ton on this rehab, but here’s my biggest lesson – order your kitchen cabinets and counter top early – early, early, early – like on Day ONE.  Because they will take 6 or so weeks to arrive and if you have contractors who work super fast, they will finish the majority of the work before the cabinets and counter top arrive, and then they will be twiddling their thumbs.  And – here is the lesson, pay attention – contractors who are twiddling their thumbs go on to other projects. I.e. projects that are not your project.

As well they should.  They have to make their money, of course they do.  But when you lose your great contractors it’s sort of hard to get them back.

Here’s where we currently stand – all kitchen cabinets are IN, hooray.  Stove, microwave, refrigerator – installed.  But counter tops – well crap on a cracker they take 2 weeks and we are currently at the mercy of the stone company.  Quartz is going in.  I rejected granite from an environmental purpose. I think granite is beautiful and have used it several times in the past, including in my own home, but my ecologically minded friend Carla sent me an email early on in this process that said, essentially, “excited about the rehab! I forbid you to use granite!” and after reading a lot about quartz I decided to go that route instead.  There are more environmentally friendly options, but overall it’s a good choice.  Additionally, it’s incredibly durable and can take pretty much whatever a future tenant or owner might throw at it.  Also, totally beautiful.  So there’s that.  In future projects I want to use wood and concrete.  (Future projects….I have big dreams.  Nothing before next year, but big dreams ’cause this whole rehab thing really floats my boat.)

So anyway, this post is basically an update to say nothing new.  Waiting on the counter top man.   In the meantime contractor has promised me that the following will get done this week:

  • Floors finished
  • Bathroom floor sealed
  • Unused boxes of tiles removed
  • Windows cleaned and mini-blinds hung
  • Missing baseboards in kitchen installed
  • Missing light switch cover installed
  • Under cabinet lighting installed
  • Back door lock reinforced
  • Closet rods hung
  • Lobby mailbox slot re-keyed (to be done by me, I am learning a lot about mailbox locks)
  • Two shelves in pantry installed
  • Kitchen cabinet knobs put on
  • Kitchen sink and dishwasher to be hooked up after counter top has gone in

There are a few other things but I’ve run out of steam.  Out. Of. Steam.

Counter top man, hurry UP.



  1. So are you looking for a tenant? And if not, why not?

  2. yay for quartz!

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