Sneak Peek

March 12, 2010

I spent late yesterday afternoon sitting in a corner of the apartment’s living room, where I came to work while I waited for the arrival of the appliances.   I tried to find the least dusty corner of this place, but that’s a little like trying to find the least sandy place on the beach, or the least hot corner of hell, as it currently looked like this:

The kitchen cabinets are now in, and the guys got busy getting all of their equipment cleaned up. The appliances came and I have to admit I kind of freaked out a little.  At first I was all, “oh so beautiful!” and then I was all, “this kitchen is so small, oh my god, the kitchen is so small.” Not that it wasn’t small before, but it had nothing IN it, so it was a little harder to tell.  I might have made a big mistake, maybe.  The board president here was kind enough to tell me weeks ago that the only refrigerator that works properly in these kitchens are the shallower counter-depth ones.  Well, I priced those out.  The cheapest of those begin at $1500+ and what you make up for in shallowness you get back in width.  There is no extra width to play with in this tiny space. Then I went upstairs to the neighbors, and they had a regular fridge and it looked just fine.  So I went out and chose the least deep of the regular deep fridges (which only cost $600) and maybe it’s just the shock of the new but did I mention that this kitchen is SMALL?  And that fridges eat up a lot of floor space?

Last night Paula and I went swimming and half way through I bobbed over to her in the water, and asked her to stop what she was doing and calm me down.  “Have I ruined this kitchen?  What else could I have done? I just don’t recognize the place. What if I can’t find a tenant? I don’t know what to do about the countertops.  Is that fridge too big? It’s too big.”

She asked me, “what exactly is wrong?”

“I think I feel like it’s all uncertain now.  We’re almost done and I don’t know what the next part looks like.”

“The finding a renter part?”

“It’s just, before I felt like this was all MY apartment, and now I don’t recognize the kitchen, that’s some new person’s kitchen, and someone else is going to come and live there, but we’re not done yet, and there are still tons of things left to do, and, and, it all just sort of doesn’t feel like mine anymore.”

“It’s going to be fine.” There was a pause. “I knew you’d have a freak out when the kitchen went in.”

Do you want to rent this apartment?  Fantastic beautiful one-bedroom in Edgewater Glen, heat included, thoroughly renovated, available April 1st even though it looks like there’s still a ton to do.  Disregard the current lack of countertops and the missing toilet seat.  I’m working on that, I swear.



  1. This kitchen is going to be gorgeous! I’d trade it for my 1950s eyesore in a heartbeat. You’re going to have some lucky, lucky, lucky renters.

  2. Nerves are normal.

  3. I think it will be terrific! I like that floor-to-ceiling very narrow cabinet that I think is actually just outside the kitchen – does it have any special use, or will it just be useful?

  4. Now the ideal thing would be for Paula’s parents, and us, and Posey, and Jean/Mark to club together and rent the place from you as a pied-a-terre for us all to use when we wanted to come visit you…. But I don’t think I can get your father to come to Chicago often enough. Sigh.

  5. Did you decide on countertops yet? If so, I’d love to hear how you made your decision.

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