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February 26, 2010

No great news to report, as I’ve had my head in my work for a few days – though Paula and I did go over on Wednesday night and it looked great.  Still very much a working site, but exciting stuff going on.  The bathroom wall was fully tiled, though no grout yet and the travertine for the floor looked like it was going in next.  All walls had been primed and all the trim work sprayed with the white semi-gloss.  Chris called two nights ago from the counter at the paint store, so paint has been purchased, I’m anxious to see it up.  No other news to report yet, other than lots of lighting purchases going on – yesterday evening I finally found sconces and placed an order for two.  They won’t arrive for a couple of weeks though….now I’m wrestling with the Ceiling Fan Conundrum – I already placed one in the bedroom, should there be another one in the living room?

FYI: this is the ceiling fan in question:

Hampton Bay Stratford Ceiling Fan

A smaller version of this same fan is already in the bedroom.  The living room is a harder call, though.  Personally I don’t like ceiling fans much, but I know lots of people love them, and they are very helpful in summer for cooling things off and helpful in winter for pushing warm air downwards….and we actually have a ceiling fan in every room of the condo we live in….so I get it…I get it.  But not only do I not like them very much, they are also more expensive than a standard fixture.  I’m vaguely curious what most renters think – is a ceiling fan, or lack thereof, a deciding factor in renting a unit?

That’s it, over and out – back to my regular job for the rest of the day.  I’ll fixate on the Ceiling Fan Conundrum over the weekend.

OHHH, I almost forgot….I nixed the wallpaper, we are painting instead.  (Wallpaper Haters! I heard from you, but calm down! It would have been beautiful, I promise.)  Sadly, I’ll paper something else.  Time, money and the depressing voice of reason won out.  Very sad!


update: nope, no central air conditioning.  But there are such things as standing fans, window fans and window a/c units.  But does a ceiling fan, or lack thereof, make any difference when you consider wanting to buy or rent something?



  1. Does the apartment have air conditioning? I’m inclined to say no on the ceiling fan if 1) you don’t like them and 2) they’re more expensive that a fixture. Any renter can purchase a standing floor fan. Also, no renter is going to nix moving into an apartment because there isn’t a ceiling fan. In fact, they probably won’t even notice when checking out the place.

  2. If there’s no central A/C (which is almost a dealbreaker for aging, comfort-oriented me), ceiling fans are important. Really important. YMMV.

  3. That’s the exact ceiling fan we have. But it is too low for our ceiling.
    Wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me in the rental market though. I always need an AC unit anyway.

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