tile begins

February 24, 2010

Not much to report yet – tiling has begun, but right now it looks as odd as all tile does before it looks the way it’s supposed to – no grout yet and the wall is full of those little spacer things.  The floor isn’t in yet, but the subway tile is now half way down – and there’s a new worker on the job named Joseph, so it was nice to meet him.  He and Chris are tiling together.  Here’s a sneak peek –

no grout yet, but it will be white

temporary boards to help line the tile up

quick shot of the medicine cabinet

Coming up in the next week – the painting and remainder of tile going in, and hopefully the lighting fixtures as well.  I’m having a hard time deciding on the living room light and the dining room light and wall sconces.  Other than that all light fixtures have been purchased and are currently stacked in one of the closets, awaiting installation.  Did have a hiccup with the light over the medicine cabinet.  Bought a gorgeous one and it hangs too low – the bottom of the light hits the top of the medicine cabinet.  Back to the drawing board on that.


One comment

  1. It will be gorgeous. I love subway tile. How nice that you could keep the original tub.

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