more about the paint

February 22, 2010

8am, we went back to the condo.  Chris was already there.  This weekend he broke out the industrial paint sprayer and got busy.  Things are taking shape.

Bookshelf shelves....getting sprayed.

Bye bye yellow living room - you were kind of cheerful but you look better with white primer

All doors are currently in bedroom, out of the way

All baseboards and crown moldings have been sprayed white semi-gloss

At the conclusion of our 8am visit I made a final decision on the paint colors.

  • All closet interiors: a white of contractor’s choice.
  • Bathroom: Benjamin Moore “Pale Smoke”.
  • All other walls: Benjamin Moore “Sail Cloth.” This is actually an exterior color, so it will need to be mixed with interior paint.  I never would have picked it normally, except a man we know recently painted his entire apartment this color in preparation for putting it on the market and it turned out beautifully.  Very neutral and clean.

Re: the “pale smoke” – this wasn’t one of the colors we carefully painted on the walls yesterday.  I had high hopes for Benjamin Moore’s “crystalline” but wow, girlfriend, you are green green minty green and you might be kind of pretty, but it’s hard to tell and I’m not taking that risk. So after a cup of coffee and some time with Chris’ paint deck I threw a dart at “pale smoke.” (I sent an email to P once I’d made up my mind: “Pale Smoke – a new color! I just chose it! Flying by the seat of my pants! Way to take a risk! Never seen it before!”)

NOW….there’s one other major decision to make and I’m really wrestling with it, because this is an apartment for rental and I don’t want to get ridiculous about the budget, and yada yada yada, everyone has personal tastes, I know….but what I really want to do is put wallpaper above the bookshelves in the dining room.  Just a splash of visual something as you walk in the front door.  Every time I look at it I think “wallpaper.” I’ve never wallpapered anything and I have no idea how much it costs, though I need only a tiny amount.  I’m going to take a trip to Thybony one evening this week and look through some sample books.  Of course, the way my luck is running I’ll find the perfect print and it will turn out to be back ordered, or on a 6-week delivery schedule or who knows what else, but pretty much the overall theme of this renovation has pretty much been “we can certainly get that for you but NOT RIGHT NOW.”

I am thinking creatively and positively however, and we took careful measurements:

This is how the pro's do it.



  1. Wallpaper??!!! What if the tenants hang pictures? Walls can be patched & repainted, wallpaper can’t.

  2. Why don’t you wait until the apartment is a bit more complete before you decide about wallpapering? Then you’ll really know if that space above the bookshelves needs something.

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