special walnut

February 21, 2010

Special Walnut is lovelyyyyyyy.  We went over yesterday and I was fairly nervous.  But no nerves needed.  Special walnut did the job.  The floors aren’t finished yet, but they’ve had their stain, and now Chris says he has to do some step, and then lay down some other step, and then the final step is finishing the floors with either a satin or semi-gloss finish.  George said, “satin, go with satin, absolutely.” I asked Chris what he thought, he says both look nice.  Then he said, “Melissa uses semi-gloss.” Melissa is our interior decorator friend, and she works on high end jobs, and Chris is the only contractor she uses, so he knows these things.  (Hi, Melissa.) In fact, before I started this project I called her and asked if I could use Chris and his crew, as I didn’t know what she had in the works and though I don’t think Emily Post devoted a chapter to it, I’m fairly sure friends don’t poach other friends contractors for a month long job unless said contractor has some free time coming up.

So anyway – back to the floors.  Here’s a sneak peek.  Thank you Minwax.

sneak peek, not done yet, floors not quite this orange, that's the flash

Chris also proudly showed us how the bookcases are coming along.  He should be proud.

shelves not in yet...

Chris pointed out where he added strips of wood at the ends of shelves to hide the interior plywood and then gently rounded the edges for a polished look.

...they had their edges sanded.

Chris also noted that he built them high on purpose – he measured to make sure that the sconces would be exactly in the middle, between the top of the bookcase and the bottom of the crown molding.   At one point I stepped well back until I was practically in the kitchen and took a good look – “Chris, is the top of the bookshelf slightly un-level?” Chris pulled out the level, the big industrial contractor level that is two feet long and showed me that the bookshelves were completely level.  “It’s the floor that’s slightly not level.”  Phew.  I think the guys are spreading a leveling compound before they tile the kitchen floor, so that problem should go away.

P with (very dusty!) Chris

On a different note, we’re enjoying Kona coffee this morning – thanks, parents who go to Hawaii, you rock.

Sunday morning coffee



  1. Lovely! I still can’t believe I haven’t seen this place yet. Likely it is because I scared you. Sorry about that :)

  2. Come on over lady – as long as it’s daylight we can go over. Until they get the light fixtures in there’s no real light at night. Would love to show it to you.

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