sanding, staining

February 18, 2010

What on earth was that freak out about?  Sorry ’bout that.  I got some sleep last night and now I’m all, Cadigan, calm down.  Jeeeeeze.  It’s fine…..relax.  It’s all good.

This morning I had to make a final decision about the stain color for the floors and it’s really just as well that I had to make the decision on the fly, because if I’d had my way there would have been 75 test patches on the floor and we all would have had to talk about the relative merits of Stain A over Stain B pretty much ad nauseum and there probably would have been voting and at some point I would have just thrown up my hands and picked one, and this way I just cut straight to the please for the love of god pick one part and I did it all with just one small freak out and a shot of gin, so lesson learned.

Paula and I went over and met George at 8:30 this morning.

Paula and coffee

We stared at this for a little while:


I started doing my crazy talk about maybe it would all be perfect if George mixed in 3 parts Minwax Provincial to 1 part Minwax English Chestnut, and would that be the desired warmth in the tone without adding too much red to the floors, and could we all just talk about this for a little while?  But not for too long because I have a conference call at 9:15, ok, yeah, thanks!  But no seriously, what do you think?  George was very kind, but it was very clear that he was just happy to go with whatever the client wanted but the issue here is that the client pretty much only knows that she wants it to look good, actually more than good, like maybe the best floor ever, but really in the end will settle for it just looking nice and not sticking out and please just let it be ok, see the problem?  Maybe if we just did the test patches in the dining room.  The dining room gets more light.  So we all trouped into the dining room and stared at the samples.  Here:

And then I clearly woke up and came to my senses and just said, oh screw it – let’s just go with Special Walnut.  We didn’t have a test patch of it, but the little wood chippy thing in the deck looks nice and it appears to be slightly darker than Provincial and maybe has a hint of red in it, screw the English Chestnut, for god’s sake woman, why on earth do you need to go mixing stains?  I don’t know which of the samples above it is, but maybe Special Walnut is the second one, so we’re going to go with that.  Maybe it’s the top one, that’s ok too.   Paula was all, good choice! and George was all, whatever makes you happy! And I was all, can I go home now?

But first I took some pictures.  Welcome to the jungle, I promise I’ll vacuum before I rent it out:

view into dining room

Dining room near window

the built-in bookshelves have begun

the living room


edge of the bedroom/George

Still Life with Paper Towel, 2010

Floor Sander, today is YOUR DAY



  1. Maybe the lesson here is that if it’s actually called “Special,” maybe somebody’s trying to tell you something. I mean, the Universe could have made it easier by naming it “Pick Me! Pick Me!” Walnut. But Special Walnut just sounds nicer.

    It IS a good choice. And it’s going to look fantastic!

  2. It’ll look great!

    Did you just say you are going to rent it out? After all the love you are putting in this place your aren’t going to live there?

  3. Yes, after all the love I am renting it out – that was always the intention, I bought this as an investment – though living there is rather tempting! We don’t have a dining room in our current place and that would be nice. Fingers crossed I find a wonderful tenant.

  4. Isn’t Special Walnut the one you were leaning toward in the first place? It will all look lovely, I’m sure. And, just think, it won’t be long until the floors are done, they’re marvelous, and you can’t remember what the other options even looked like.

  5. By the way, I love the architectural details of this apartment — so beautiful. Also, the bookshelves are going to look fantastic.

  6. Just got round to reading the whole thing from the bottom up, now that we’re back – wow! (I think, by the way, from some days back, what you were remembering wasn’t Oh Scrumptious Day but Jabberwocky: “Oh frabjous day! Calloo! Callay! he chortled in his joy.”) It’s going to be wonderful, can’t wait to see it – don’t get it rented before we can get to Chicago.

  7. Uh, surely by now you’ve gotten your butt over to the apartment to take a look at the newly stained floors. Your readers want photos, please!!

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