February 17, 2010

The last few days have been frantically busy.  Days – work, work, work.  Evenings – shop, shop, shop.  In the last 48 hours I have bought a bathroom faucet, a kitchen faucet, a pedestal sink (YES! more on that shortly), a medicine cabinet, bathroom floor tile and bathroom wall tile.  So much tile that after Eddy at Home Carpet One swiped my credit card I kept waiting for the fraud department at Chase Bank to call.  No call!  Falling down on the job there, fraud people.  That was a lot of tile I just bought.

Update on the tile – sigh.  The beautiful marble basketweave that was on clearance for $5/sqft could not be found.  The sample was there….but the warehouse stock couldn’t be located.  I went back to the store and after half an hour of hemming and hawing I finally threw a dart at some light brown travertine that they have in stock right now.  It’s fine.  Nothing wrong with it, and I felt my little dream of a vintage-looking floor going away, but when you have to buy floor tile you have to buy floor tile and I need it now and I need it cheap.  So hello travertine.  Even better than your availability is your price – $4.79 per/sf.   The problem with having a great contractor who works FAST FAST FAST is keeping up with what needs to be done next.  He’s ready for the bathroom floor, so all systems go.

Update on bathroom sink – such good news.  I once read a children’s book where a character proclaimed Oh Scrumptious Day! I can’t remember the book or the character, but I remember the line.  This is how I feel about the pedestal sink.   SO ANYWAY.  I tried to place an order for this vanity, the one from an earlier post:

Bye Bye

Back ordered for 6 weeks.  Bye bye.  So then I called Chris.  “Chris, this deal with the pedestal…I need you to tell me again.  What is the issue?” So he explained it again, in his technical way that I only partially understood.  But the difference was this time, I did understand the bit about the water supply lines – “so you’re saying the issue is that the valves for the water supply lines are OUTSIDE the wall, so you’ll be able to see the on-off valves for the lines and also the lines themselves, unless we put in a vanity to hide them?” YES.  Ohhhhhh!  “Chris, I don’t care.” “But it won’t look perfect.”  “I totally don’t care.” My contractor cares.  My contractor is an amazing perfectionist.  That’s why he said that if I wanted a pedestal sink he was going to have to bust open the wall and move some pipes.  It turns out that this is what needs to happen if you are going to do this perfectly perfectly perfectly.  I’m trying to do a lot of this project as perfectly as I can, but valves sticking out on the underside of the sink basin?  FINE BY ME.

Hello beautiful new sink:

Toto Promenade Pedestal Sink

It was hard to find a great looking vintage-style pedestal that measures only 24 inches across, but I’m a girl who likes a challenge and Toto filled the bill.  Now we have to make a final decision about replacing the old toilet….a part of its pipe is dripping.

Final big news of the week – Chris is ready to sand and stain and wants me to pick a stain.  Here are the stain samples.  I’m leaning towards “Special Walnut” and Chris is pushing for “Dark Walnut” which he’s used before on another job.  I’m freaked out by the idea of Dark Walnut.  (We need a darker stain to cover up the new wood where the various holes in the floor were repaired.)  I love dark floors…I just hadn’t anticipated staining the floors this dark in this project and am having a hard time visualizing the potential final result.  Have put in a call to interior decorator friend to ask for her advice.



  1. Congratulations on the pedestal sink. Oh scrumptious day, indeed! As for the floors, does Chris have photos of the dark walnut stained floor he did? I’ll be curious to hear what your interior designer friend says about picking a stain.

  2. Congrats on the pedestal sink! I like the special walnut, but that’s because I just put in 1100 sq ft of cherry in my house last August and I freaking hate it. It’s too dark. EVERYTHING shows up on it. Every single little speck of dust. Go with the lighter one.

  3. Either you or I had a musical version of “Jaberwocky”. I am CERTAIN I remember listening to it over and over with Jeannie. Anyway, pedestal sinks make me feel like shouting “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” :)

  4. My mother pointed out that it was “oh frabjous day” as well! I must have picked it up from Jaberwocky and gotten it all mixed up in my memory. What literary minded children we were. Thankfully I’ve had a lot of “oh frabjous day” feelings about this project. I shall be so sad when it’s over! AGREED on the pedestal sink.

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