the kind of conversation we have these days

February 14, 2010

Paula and I have a pretty constant stream of conversation these days that revolves around the renovation.   For instance, yesterday we went to the tile store and spent two hours talking about marble tile v. travertine tile and budget buster subway tile v. the more economical subway tile that wasn’t quite so detailed.  This morning she brought me coffee and I spent half an hour talking about paint colors.  Actually, I might have the constant stream of conversation and she might just be a really good listener, but chat around here lately has just been renovation, renovation, renovation.

So this evening Paula and I were looking at pedestal sinks and discussing again, ad nauseum, the Pedestal Sink Issue.  She pointed at this one, this weird little sink on the American Standard website:

weird sink

“That one has an ‘oh shit’ handle.”

“A what?

“An ‘oh shit’ handle.”

“What’s an ‘oh shit’ handle?”

“For when you fall down in the bathroom.”

“Isn’t that a towel rail?”


“How many drunken bathroom benders have you been on?” **

On a different note, here are the first (camera phone) shots of the bathroom tile – it hasn’t been ordered yet, I’ll do that tomorrow, and like everything else on this project it may yet be all shot to hell when they confirm the lead time for orders, but this is what we decided on yesterday.  The marble is actually on clearance, the store has 35 square feet left so they are selling it off at $5/sf.  I need 30sf so that works well.  The particular style of subway tile wasn’t my first choice, but my first choice turned out to be wicked expensive.  This one is 75% as nice and 50% less expensive, so now I am just hoping that it won’t take weeks to arrive.  Fingers crossed.


**Paula thinks that the bathroom sink makers of America are missing a very fine marketing opportunity…..”you know, what about when you’re drunk and brushing your teeth?”  GOOD POINT!



  1. About the handle …. what if you are grabbing at the handle and it breaks? I can only imagine the pain when crashing into the sink face first — broken jaw? knock yourself out? black eye?

  2. So the subway tile is for the walls, and I take it the pretty brownish basketweave tile is for the floors…? Very nice.

  3. Kim, you have discovered the tragic flaw in the potential design of the ‘oh shit’ handle. Paula will have to go back to the drawing board.

    Jean, the subway tile is for the walls and the basketweave tile is for NOTHING. The warehouse couldn’t find the remainder tile so it is also back to the drawing board for me.

  4. The Oh-Shit Handle is really just for steadying yourself, and should not be used to break your fall.

  5. Paula, this will need to be a Consumer Disclosure on the side of the box. You know, for legal purposes.

  6. The “oh-shit” handle….may I just say once again that I love you, Paula. :-)

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