big money day

February 12, 2010

This evening I had an appointment at the big HD to “close on my kitchen.” (This is also called “the part where you pay for it.”)

I was actually ready to buy last Sunday but there was a sale that started today – buy 11 cabinets and get a free sink base.  I didn’t know what a sink base was before now, but a sink base is the cabinet that holds the kitchen sink.  If a sink slots on top of it, that’s the sink base cabinet.   By waiting till today to close on the kitchen I got the sink base for free, and I can use that extra $250 now to put towards the bathroom vanity.

That is not to say that this kitchen was cheap.   I did it just about as cheaply as one can do it, but let me illustrate this story by saying that within two minutes of charging my card for the entire cost of the kitchen cabinets the fraud department of Chase Bank called my cell phone to ask me if I knew that someone had charged a shit load of money at a home supply store, and did I have the card in my possession?  Yes, I do and I just used it to charge a shit load of money at a home supply store.  Thanks Chase Bank!  I’m incredibly impressed by your fraud division.

Once that was done I met with Linda, the bathroom designer, and I said Linda, I need a vanity and I can’t find one and I really need help and can you help me, because the 24 inch thing is killing me.  And if the 24 inch thing by some miracle doesn’t kill me, then the price of these things will.   So out comes Linda’s huge catalog and hello! I think I found a vanity.  I don’t even hate it.  I mean, I hate it in comparison to all of the beautiful pedestals, but I’m never going to get past that so let’s all just get used to it now.

This is the "maybe" vanity.

Here’s the one hitch – OH, here’s a lesson for anyone playing along at home – there is ALWAYS at least one hitch.  So Linda says to me, “do you want the 18 inch or the 22 inch?”  Ummm, I want the 24 inch.  Turns out she means the depth of the sink.  Standard vanity depths begin at either 18 inches or 22 inches.   I have no idea what depth I need.   I honestly said to her, “well, the old one was about the same depth as the toilet.”  Poor Linda.  I’ll try to measure tomorrow evening.



  1. I would go for the 18″ depth. You don’t want it the same depth as the toilet — the proportions would be all wrong.

    We currently have about 300 boxes of Ikea cabinet stuff in the basement, waiting to be installed in our once and future house. I feel dazed just thinking about the process of sorting through all the kitchen design things out there, not to mention the prices. Congratulations on getting through it!

  2. I likey the maybe vanity! In fact, that would very good in our bathroom. How much was it?

  3. Amelia, I’ve been enjoying your blog. I am living on Martha’s Vineyard vicariously through you. I’ve always had huge romantic ideas about the Cape Cod area, and I’ve never even been there.

    Jean, I want to say that it was something like $599, complete with sink top.

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