February 11, 2010

I’m feeling very sad about the bathroom sink.  I had my heart set on installing a vintage pedestal sink.  It was one of the very first design decisions I made about the apartment.  The bathroom originally looked like this:

Now the bathroom looks like this:

I know. Oh my god.  I kind of need to say it again.  OH MY GOD.  And it basically can’t stop looking like that if I don’t get a move on and order some tile and a sink and a medicine cabinet.  I had a full vision for the bathroom and right in the middle of it was the pedestal sink.  However, the contractor (Chris) has now told me that due to the placement of the pipes a pedestal sink won’t work.  It has to be a vanity.  I asked Chris to explain again why it wouldn’t work and he did and then I asked him to explain it again and I still don’t get it.  The only part I did get was that if I really want a pedestal sink he needs to shut down the water supply to the building and do something very plumb-ery to the pipes, and that new pipes would be involved and it’s pretty difficult and pretty expensive.

So now I need a vanity and the bathroom is super small and the only vanity that will fit needs to be 24 inches wide and I’m finding out that these are pretty hard to come by and all of the ones I’ve found so far I don’t like one little bit.   OH and I should also mention that I had budgeted $350 for a pedestal sink and vanities that aren’t crap are at least twice that.   Shitty shit shit.  OH (I’ll say again) OH, I also want to say that in almost every instance I’ve looked at a vanity, done a double take at the price and then discovered that on top of that the price doesn’t include the counter top or the sink.  Crappity crap crap shit.

This evening I went to pick out tile and I was all ready to pick out tile and then it all kind of went to hell and I couldn’t make a decision and then I decided to go to Community Home Supply and they didn’t have any vanities that I could even begin to afford and ditto for the medicine cabinet (because at some point I decided it was mentally advisable to switch gears), so then I went to Restoration Hardware (all vanities 27″ and no medicine cabinets on display) and then I went to Pottery Barn and then I thought oh fuck it all to hell, so then I went next door to the West Elm and they didn’t even HAVE vanities and finally I decided to go to Home Depot and after 10 minutes in there I realized that lying down in the parking lot and praying to be run over was infinitely more appealing than looking at the vanities.

Did you keep up with all that? Is this project still fun?  NO IT IS NOT.

Let’s go out with one final image.  Enjoy it here, because my bathroom is not going to look like this.

Not my bathroom



  1. Is this where the phrase “put up on a pedestal” comes from?

  2. This is where the phrase “kiss your sweet pedestal goodbye, sucker” comes from. Sigh.

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  4. Hey, that may not be your bathroom in the picture but I think I have that stool. We got it for Charlie. So, you could borrow it and have a little piece of that bathroom.

  5. Hey girl….breathe. Try Lowe’s. It’s well-priced and has a decent amount of variety. And a cabinet/vanity is not so bad. You will get some more storage out of it which is nice (necessary). The places you went (West Elm/Restoration) are crazy expensive. If you are dead-set on something from one of these stores head up north (towards Milwaukee) to the Outlet Stores….Restoration has an outlet up there and you might just get lucky.
    I finished my kitchen re-hab and half of two bathrooms. I’m an expert on not-crying and trying to pick out tile.

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