February 6, 2010

Tile for the kitchen floor has been decided upon and purchased and I managed to snag a bargain.  Home Carpet One (on Lincoln) has a great selection of tile, including some great close-outs.  I walked in on Wednesday evening and immediately saw a 12×12 travertine tile on display, with a large sale note saying that they only have 420 square feet left.  I need 120 square feet.  The price on the tile was $1.99 per square foot, which is pretty unheard of…I looked at the tile…..then I looked at the tile again.  I asked the man behind the counter if this was travertine.  “NO, it’s porcelain!” Up close, I could see that it was porcelain.  From even a couple of feet away it looks like a very nice poor man’s travertine.  They had two shades, and I liked the lighter, cream colored one the best.

This is a small 4×4 sample they gave me to take home, but I’ve now placed an order for 129 square feet.  This is more than I need but they sell it by the box, and better safe than sorry since it’s a close out.  My budget is starting to run away with me so at least I can apply the savings here to some other line item.

Speaking of the budget, I’m struggling to find a vintage floor tile for the bathroom.  I’m fairly decided on white subway tile for the walls, but the floor is a tough decision.  I want a tile that looks like it might always have been there.  Nothing I saw felt right until I saw a green and white marble mosaic tile on display, also at Home Carpet One.  It was beautiful.  Amazing.  Intricate.  I asked the salesman how much it cost.  $80 per square foot.  I need 25 square feet.  So that’s not even CLOSE to going to happen.  Nowhere in this Universe is $80/sf going to happen.  Maybe I’ll cave and put the kitchen floor tile in the bathroom, but I still have hopes for a vintage looking bathroom floor, so the search will continue.



  1. I know NOTHING about tiling a floor, so take this with a entire pound of salt, but if the tile is on closeout and therefore it won’t be easy to purchase more, shouldn’t you get quite a bit more than you need in case of accidental screw-ups?

  2. Lets use know if you’d like some samples.

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