February 4, 2010

Yesterday the contractor turned up and announced that it was demolition day.  I asked him what he and his crew were going to demolish first.  He said, “everything!”

I’m not sure how long I thought it would take to demolish every grime covered thing in the kitchen and bathroom, but I hadn’t given enough credit to how much 4 men with sledgehammers and crow bars can accomplish in 8 hours.  The kitchen is gone and so is 75% of the bathroom, with the exception of the vintage tub and toilet, which are now standing alone in an empty shell.  Yesterday there was a huge pile of debris but today it’s all gone, apparently hauled off to some specialty dump that takes construction materials.  The contractor is now working on the re-wiring, and Home Depot has turned up to take an official measurement for the kitchen cabinets.

I thought this was all going to take forever, but now everything appears to be moving so fast that the entire project might be delayed while I scramble to get everything chosen and ordered.  I’ve set my sights on this sink, but it might be too wide.  We shall see.



  1. Do you already have the kitchen cabinets picked out? The sink for the bathroom looks gorgeous.

    I wish someone would come demolish my kitchen (as long as they built it back up again with all new things).

  2. Must see soon! Argh! Maybe Saturday some time?

  3. Call me anytime you want, we can go over and I’ll give you the whole dusty tour.

  4. How long will the entire remodel take?

  5. If all goes smoothly the deadline to finish is March 15th. However delivery of kitchen cabinets may throw this off. Turns out they aren’t just ready made and waiting for delivery…who knew? Not me.

  6. That’s a pretty quick turnaround. As for the kitchen cabinets, we ordered ours through Home Depot and they took about 6 weeks for delivery. We couldn’t even order our counter tops (due to measurements) until the cabinets were installed, and that took another 6 weeks. UGH! We used pieces of cardboard for counter tops until that came in.

  7. lookin good AC! love the sink. Classic.

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