rough edit done and played

April 15, 2008

We played the rough edits of our finished pieces for the class today and overall, hey, good job us. We all have some fixes to make. Mostly the general problems were with ambient sound – increasing it, extending it, decreasing it, when to bring it up, when to bring it down. I don’t have any problems with ambi but some of my editing is too tight – my voice comes up right as the voice of my subject ends. It was intentional when I mixed it because I wanted to keep the piece moving, and in a couple of instances it was because the cut was really sharp and I wanted the quickness of my narration coming in to cover that. The whole thing is just really speedy now, though, and I need to adjust some moments to let the piece breathe a bit more.

There is also one bit of narration that is just hokey. Hey, new radio student: when you don’t know what to say, throw in a cliche and tell people what they already know, and while you’re at it, why don’t you go ahead and say what the subject is about to say. Here’s an example:

ME: Huge Generalization, and now you’re going to hear my subject say she’s really lucky.

SUBJECT: I’m really lucky.

Yeah. I knew I needed to rewrite and re-record it last night but I just didn’t have it in me. So tired. I figured I’d play it in the bright light of day and see if it still made me squirm and YES, it did.

The entire school has a come-to-Jesus session scheduled for the end of the week. There are 28 students total, spread over Radio, Writing and Photography and we all have to present our work and then there is Group Discussion. This is our opportunity to show everyone what we’ve been doing and it’s going to take two full days, Thursday and Friday, 8am to 5pm.

I also have a script due for my second project next week and I’ve barely begun the interviews. It’s going to be a 6 minute radio piece about the Maine accent and I want it to be fun and informative, but I’d also like me not to be exhausted and spent, which is currently where my head is…so I am taking tonight off and watching several episodes from the second season of The Wire. Have you seen this show? Holy crap it’s good.


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