done (sort of)

April 14, 2008

First radio project (sort of) done!

I came in at 6 minutes and 10 seconds, and overall, it’s basically ok. My radio doth not sucketh. It is not suck free, but it is as suck free as I can make it right now, and I’ll tweak it more after people listen to it. There is one track – from a writing standpoint – that is totally weak, and in a couple of weeks I’ll cave in and re-record and re-mix. But not right now.

There is another moment that – from a production standpoint – is also weak. It’s one small section, maybe 15 seconds, where I’m using a quote (act) to illustrate a point, and it would be smooth sailing except that I’m using one sentence from one interview and another sentence from another interview and the quality of the tape doesn’t match. Maybe my recording levels were higher on one day than another, I don’t know, but you can audibly hear the difference AND I CAN’T FIX IT. I know this, because I spent over an hour today trying to fix it and I CAN’T FIX IT.

There is a new gray hair on my head this evening and it’s so cute I gave it a name: BAD TAPE THAT I CAN’T FIX.

For five minutes I shot the puppy and took out the second part of the act, and then I spent the next ten minutes giving the puppy the breath of life and begging it to forgive me, and stuck it back in.

My sister called me today and I told her all about my bad tape and she said that she didn’t want to hear the phrase “shoot the puppy” anymore. She is a very sensitive soul and it upsets her, way down deep in her dog-owning heart. I am sorry, sister, but it’s too late. The phrase is out there. I also know what I’m getting you for Christmas.


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