April 8, 2008

I didn’t want to post this recording until after it had debuted on the Katie Mac Show, but in case you missed the announcement from an earlier entry, I’d like you all to know that the MOXIE HAS BEEN CONSUMED. I think it’s the Maine equivalent of drinking the kool-aid. Without, you know, the mass suicide and stuff.

The voices you’ll hear are the new friends who originally told me about moxie – the same ones who wanted to witness the consumption when I said I was actually intending to go buy some.

We talk a lot in school about the importance of “active tape” – i.e. tape where someone is actually doing something rather than just talking about it. This is active tape. My teachers would be appalled by the editing, AS AM I, but it was a quick and dirty job, done in Audacity, and…well…here you have it:

The Drinking of the Moxie.mp3



  1. Maybe the English equivalent of Moxie is Marmite (Australians know it as Vegemite) which, for the unitiated, is a yeast extract full of B vitamins and 100% vegetarian, according to the label. It’s a thick paste to be spread very thinly on bread and butter, or toast and butter, and is definitely something you have to be born to. Unfortunately I didn’t accustom Anne and her sister to it early enough in life. I’ll have to start our grandson on it on his 2nd birthday, about to be celebrated (though after tasting Marmite he may refuse to celebrate….).

  2. Is this like the beverage equivalent of scrapple? Local, legendary, and inherently non-delicious?

  3. YES. Local. Legendary. And inherently non-delicious. But by god I feel like the people of Maine have shared with me the secret handshake and let me join their club. I feel so loved!

  4. Mmmm, tar-flavored cough syrup.

    It’s definitely the Marmite of Maine, although very few actually drink it anymore.

  5. My brother used to love Moxie. Yes—it is reminiscent of tar.

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