the hand cream

April 8, 2008

Tim from Urbana inquired as to the hand cream from the last post, so here’s the scoop.

It is the Herbalind Glycerin Hand Cream, and here is the link to the Merz website where they tell you all about it. I tried to find it in Maine, but Maine insists on being all “Hand Cream Made in Maine” and I am all “Hand Cream with Glycerin Made in Germany and Only Sold in Chicago at Great Expense.” Because once you go Hand Cream with Glycerin Made in Germany you really don’t go back.

The link provided is to the 6.8 ounce size, but that size might blow up a plane, so I settled for the smaller size that meets FAA requirements, ’cause I didn’t want to have to pull a Naomi Campbell on the x-ray people who would try to take it away in the security line.

Though wouldn’t that have made quite the cocktail party story for years to come.



  1. Outstanding!

    I’ma hafta get me somma dat!

    Thank you! However, by using the words “blow up” and “plane” in the same paragraph in a publicly-posted blog, all Radio Free Anne readers are now on a Federal “Watch List.”

    Oh well. If I can tie my tie in the morning without snagging it on my cheese-grater dry hands it’s WORTH IT!



  2. Hmm, I think I may have found a prezzie for Mark! Do they sell it by the gallon?

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