April 7, 2008

So my father wanted to know if I was ever going to update this again, and who am I to deny him the opportunity to know I’m still alive? I am nothing if not a giver, so here is a quick rundown of my even quicker weekend in the Big City:

1. Got onto a plane where the pilot kept predicting severe turbulence ahead, an announcement that turned out to be the pilot version of PSYCH! cause it was very smooth sailing, but goddamnit if I’m going to work myself into a claustrophobic buckled-into-my-seat panic then you’d better produce some turbulence, or is the palpable fear of the girl in seat 12F just one big joke to you, Pilot Man?

Suspicions. Confirmed.

2. Ate bagels at the Dagel & Beli. Onion bagels with chive cream cheese, and it’s a testament to my friends that they allowed me to breathe next to them for the rest of the day and didn’t complain once.

3. Paid a fast visit to the mothership, where much money was spent.

4. Paid a fast visit to Merz Apothecary in Lincoln Square, where I bought my favorite hand cream and put my money down on a burial plot, because when I go I want to spend eternity in the french soap aisle.

5. Went to see Barb’s play, where there was much swashbuckling and great success, and all those belly laughs weren’t just from friends, most were actually from strangers, who laughed because it was genuinely funny. AND LISA WAS GREAT TOO. So proud.

6. Might have had just a wee bit too much punch and rum, because nothing goes with exhaustion and stress like a great big glass of rum.

7. The Katie Mac Show! Anne on the Street may not be down the street right now, but she was in the house. As I write this Katie and Freddy are (hopefully) on their way to Hawaii, and I only hate them a little bit as I head back to the frozen tundra.

8. A wonderful trip out to see Kristen and Gina, who live somewhere in the region of Iowa, but that is ok because true love sometimes means going to Iowa. Besides, you cannot ask the Iowans to come into the city when one of them is 3 days away from giving birth, and how exciting is that???? Oh, and there were cupcakes and…did I mention there were cupcakes? Cupcakes so good I thought I’d found God.

9. A nice little late-night wrap up to the weekend with Dan, Lisa, Barb and ranch dip.

10. Today I go back to the airport where I once again will board a winged beast of death. Keep it to yourself this time, Pilot Man.



  1. So what’s the hand cream? Do tell.

    My money is on calendula…


  2. Sorry we missed you on your whirlwind trip! When do you return from Mooseland for real?

  3. Early June and sooo looking forward to seeing everyone!

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