signs I may be trying to do too much

March 27, 2008

Ran a bubble bath.

Took a business call.

Read an email.

Forgot about said bubble bath.

Opened up a radio script.

Answered a different email.

Went into bathroom at the exact minute that it was about to overflow.

Turned off tap. Thought, Holy Shit.

Took its picture.

Took the bath. Struggled to keep my head above the bubbles. Kind of enjoyed that. But also kind of thinking that’s a good analogy for how I’m feeling these days. Yeah. Trying not to drown in a bath I poured myself.




  1. Anne, I love your blog.

  2. Anne, Keep your chin up. It’s harder to drown that way. Seriously though, I hope life gets less hectic soon.

  3. what a close call! it’s the very reason you NEED a relaxing bath! it’s also funny because it totally reminds me of my very own bubble bath disaster. where thanks to me trying to circulate the hot water using the jacuzzi jets, and forgetting how these jets would cause a bubble explosion, i left the bathroom to do something and returned to bubbles up to the bathroom window, covering the bathroom sink and floor all the way to the bathroom door. oopsie! here’s a photo after they had calmed down a bit.

    Code word: Brady Bunch

    hope things are a bit less hectic now!

  4. CLASSIC. I love it!

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