March 12, 2008

So work has been very intense lately as classmates and I all struggle with the beginnings of our stories. It turns out that finding a potential story isn’t so hard – identify an interesting person, place or thing, and start your interviewing, your examination, your diving into the topic. What is proving exceptionally difficult is figuring out what part of the story to tell.

The other day I was reading a blog post over at One Good Thing (which has a great dissection of the documentary “King of Kong” up right now) and I read,

“…while I understand that documentaries about the war in Iraq are important, I also think that the ability to create a riveting story out of material that, at first blush, doesn’t really seem that interesting, is a talent that should have been acknowledged during the Oscars.”

Maybe it was my deep tiredness at the time of reading this, but honest to god, I perked right up and thought ABSOLUTELY. My problem lately, as I listen intently, and with deep interest to so many radio pieces over the last few weeks, is that I kind of think it’s all interesting. Be a good enough storyteller and you can weave an interesting narrative about stopping for milk at the corner store. So that’s kind of where I am right now. I’ve been at home all day with my headphones on, thinking, thinking, thinking. Trying to figure out how to be that good a storyteller.


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