more tea, cause I’m hooked

March 10, 2008

I had another cup of the herb tea this afternoon, though I didn’t use the cayenne mix – instead I tried another tea that I had bought at the same time – one that is a special herbal blend originally designed for cancer patients. It sounded so good in the shop that I had to ask if regular healthy people could drink it too. It has things like cranberry, hibiscus and lemon verbena in the ingredient list, along with more than one herb I can’t pronounce or identify, and is probably what accounts for the liberal sprinkling of twigs.

I scooped out my tea from the little package the herb woman sold me (technically what she sold me is a stash, and at one point was even referred to as a ‘toke – hmmmm), and I parceled it into the all organic non-bleached tea filter bag (made from abaca pulp, natch), and as I poured carefully filtered boiling water into my Maine-made pottery tea cup (natch), and got ready to put in a twirly thing amount of organic, non-pasteurized, non-filtered “Maine-made from Maine bees” honey, I suddenly thought, I got some kind of crunchy granola living goin’ on here. And me in my Vermont clogs, too.

I should mention that when I poured the boiling water over herbs, there was a rather alarming diffusion of red in my cup…like blood seeping from the tea bag. Very CSI, quite frankly, and I can only assume it’s from the cranberry herb? This tea is now quite shockingly red, though it tastes very sweet and delicious and so far hasn’t killed me, despite its color. I’m rather contemplating a second cup, actually.

No diet coke for me, thanks, I’m drinking bloody colored twig tea. Peace out, man.

(This whole story is undone by the $22 I spent earlier today to have my eyebrows waxed at Old Port’s fanciest salon, but just pretend I didn’t tell you that part. I may be getting hippier by the day, but bushy eyebrows is kind of a line.)



  1. I love it!!

  2. I’m glad you’re not letting the brows go. I would hate to have to drive all the way to Maine in the middle of winter for an eywbrow intervention, Nothing wrong with hugging trees, just look good while you’re doing it!

  3. By all means be anything but shaggy-browed while nurturing your inner hippy. And anything that isn’t diet Coke has to be good for you!

  4. Have you actually succeeded in giving up diet coke? Good for you.

  5. NEVER!!!!

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