March 8, 2008

So my friend the herbalist called the other night and said, “hey, did you ever go get that tea????” And I replied, yes, I did, and it was yummy.

I also told her that she must come and visit because it’s her kind of place.

It needs a bigger sign, because it’s easy to miss, but once you find it there is a feeling that you stepped into a little sanctuary from the cold and icy world. It’s not big, but there’s a little bar, and little corners to sit in, and even a guitar if you want to play a bit, and there’s a cozy room off to the side with lots of pillows, and the whole point of the place is to drink herbal tea. But not just any herbal tea – herbal tea that is mixed just for you by the owner, who will customize a blend of herbs depending on what you need. It’s such an embodiment of serenity that I just want to package up the whole tea shop and put it in my pocket. And maybe ask the owner if she’d adopt me.

It feels like an apothecary shop, with drawers and old jars all filled with herbs, and big books about herbs when a consultation is needed. It’s got a lovely smell, and sitting at the bar it’s very easy to feel that maybe life isn’t so stressful after all. I first went with a new friend from school. She chose “find your focus” tea, while I told the owner that I didn’t know what I wanted, but could she do me a tea that would make me warm? Because I’m never warm. Ever. Crank up the heat, I’m coming to visit. The herb-expert owner made me a tea that she said would help my natural inner warmth radiate down to my toes and fingers. The ingredients included, among other things, cayenne pepper, which manifested as just a little tingle in the mouth after drinking.

That was two weeks ago, and yesterday I stopped in to buy some bulk tea, same custom blend, because I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I drank the first mug. So I bought some of that, and also some unbleached tea filters, and also a second kind of tea which sounded delicious. OH, and a jar of unfiltered, unpasteurized “Maine-made by Maine bees”, organic honey. With a wooden dowel thing that drips in the honey just right. I came straight home and put on the kettle and drank my tea all afternoon while I worked. I’m having another cup now, and while it’s probably just the steaming hot mug, my fingers are finally warm and I have high hopes for my toes.



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