this post brought to you by Prozac

March 1, 2008

When I first started this little travel diary (this thing here I mean), I had this lovely vision that I would write pithy daily anecdotes about my adored Maine, and I would do fun things and write about them, and share this glorious four month trip with all my friends and family.

This was the plan.

But just for today, because I am feeling rather morbid, I would like to share with you that this week Maine pretty much bit it. Not that this is Maine’s fault, but because I am tired. And all alone. And working very hard. And it won’t stop snowing. And because I was going to go finish my vox pop today but – oh yeah! – it won’t stop snowing. And it’s cold. ‘Cause of all the snow. And I was invited to go see the USM Women’s Basketball team play last night and I couldn’t go. ‘Cause of all the work. And I was supposed to go to brunch this morning at this really cool place here called Becky’s Diner, with all my new Maine friends. But I couldn’t go. ‘Cause of all the snow. So it was canceled. And I’m supposed to go to the Portland Pirates ice hockey game tomorrow, which I really want to do, (because in Maine I love winter sports – I really do – I want to see the Portland Pirates, I’m not kidding), but if there is too much work and I don’t finish my vox pop (which is due on Tuesday) then I can’t go and there might be too much snow and it might be canceled anyway.

Now, I’m not saying there was or anything, but there might have been copious weeping into a laptop last night as I sat in my living room trying to get on top of my work and trying not to give in to the exhaustion and I might have been feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself.

Believe it or not, I’m feeling brighter this morning. And determined to snap out of it.

And before I close this post I want to give a little hi to all the Katie Mac show people who have come over and checked me out here. I see you in my blog stats, clicking over from the KM website. Hi Katie Mac show people. I love you and do not in any way hold you accountable for the fact that if it were not for Katie and Freddy (who opened up the door and encouraged me daily and showed me what all was possible) I wouldn’t be all alone in frozen Maine, up to my ass in frostbite and too much work as I endeavor to do really great radio stories while simultaneously endeavoring to hold down a full time job. Nope. I don’t blame them at all.



  1. Hi Anne, Good to know! Too much snow and too much work that keeps you from having fun really does take their toll. I love how you express your true feelings. Hang in there. We enjoy your posts and your Anne on the street segments on KM. Tom and Linda from Milwaukee

  2. hi anne, hang in there. It’s all great material for when you produce a series on places which mold character. That’s the way some of us feel on the central coast of California when the anticipated March 1 temperature is not 72 degrees but a chilly mind numbing 68. Character, character. It’s a-building all the time!!!

  3. But you’re in Maine, Anne.

    Call Jean and convince her to come visit. With me. And Charlie.

    And can’t you cut back on your regular job? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you in Maine. Don’t kill yourself doing it.

  4. Maine in February/March is not for the weak. Even the natives go a little (or a lot) nuts during this time of year. You’re through the worst of it, though, so take heart!

  5. Did I mention that I’m going to Hawaii?
    Love ya!

  6. Your Hawaii trip is a torment to my soul. I am also very jealous that your layover is in Vegas. I adore Vegas. Kiss it for me, and maybe play a few spins of roulette in my honor.

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