a bonus second post of the day….

February 28, 2008

….to make up for the one I didn’t post yesterday.

My mother is a very common-sensible-type person. While most everyone I know is in the same boat as me and shivering in their long-johns*, my mother just sent out an email with the subject heading:

“How to Reach Me in Mexico”

Tra la! It is a blustery winter month and she is off on a cruise. To the Baja Peninsula. To whale-watch. And perhaps indulge in a margarita or two, if she is very wise.

This morning I suffered frost-bite of the little finger as I scraped ice off the car. Really. It still hurts. I keep pressing it, to check. Yes. Still hurts. I am suffering for my art. SUFFERING. FOR MY ART.


*I don’t actually own a pair of long-johns, but a few days ago my class engaged in a very serious conversation about long-johns, and how wonderful they are. And quite silky and stylish these days. I had no idea. Get me LL Bean on the phone, stat.



  1. As it happens, your sensible mother also owns a pair of long-johns, and the top half to go with them, acquired when I went to Spitsbergen last year. Even at the “sensible” time of year for going to the Arctic, i.e. mid-summer, it’s still cold! Have you noticed the news reports about the seed bank just opened near Longyearbyen? If not, see today’s New York Times.

  2. May I recommend the Linda Rondstadt song, “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me?”

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