a clarification

February 26, 2008

A friend from Chicago wrote to let me know that she thinks it was very cruel to mock my poor snowed-in Chicago friends in my last post. I replied to assure her that I was not mocking you, my dear Chicago, I love you too deeply. I was merely offering you a shopping tip. If I was mocking you I would tell you that I went all the way to MAINE and YOU STILL HAVE MORE SNOW.

Though we are expecting more than six inches of it tonight, so we’re all pretty much equally screwed.

Despite the oncoming snowstorm of doom, I am still loving Maine, and I am especially loving the fact that here you can steal two cases of beer from the mini-mart and wind up on Maine’s Most Wanted list.*

*(’tis true…case 070035, November, 2007.)



  1. So are you snowed in? We were supposed to get 4-8 inches Monday night and got maybe 2 or 3.


  2. We got about 3 inches. Thank goodness. These weather people get very over-excited!

  3. Hi Anne, Have you discovered any new favorite foods now that you’ve been in Maine awhile? Anything like cheese curds in Wisconsin? Linda from Milwaukee

  4. Ohhh that is a good question. Nothing “new” comes to mind, though I have been eating a lot of chowder type soups, which I always like. I may need to give this some thought and write a post about it….

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