February 16, 2008

Hello winter. You are very dry. I was moaning about telling a friend about my allergy attacks – about the itchy throat that comes out of nowhere, the violent sneezing that comes after, etc. etc. – and she seems to think the problem might be dry air, since there is no other common denominator. My only resistance to this idea is that it’s just as dry in Chicago and I’ve never had this problem.

A phone call was placed to my friend the herbalist, who pointed me in the direction of the drugstore. Almond oil on damp skin, really good moisturizer (glycerin, no mineral oil), lots of water. I am resisting buying a humidifier, on the theory that it’s a lot cheaper to put a pot of hot water on top of the radiator. That, and I don’t want to have to carry it back to Chicago.

Tomorrow afternoon I will take a break from work to go here with a new friend. I will ask for “dry inside the nose” tea and see what gets produced.



  1. Anne, the tea place seems delightful! What a wonderful idea. That sounds like my type of place. I cannot wait to hear how the tea cured what ails you. Lovin’ your posts!!
    Feel better……..

  2. Maybe you could do a piece on the medicine woman after you finish up with the glass woman!

  3. So please, do tell, what happened with the herbalist?!

  4. The place was closed on Sunday, but me, my classmate, and my dry nose are going on Saturday instead. I will report back from the front.

  5. Buy a humidifier. They’re wonderful. But, I’m interested in hearing what the herbalist has to say too.

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