February 15, 2008

This weekend I’ve been invited to a play. The problem is that I can’t remember where it is or the name of the play. The play itself is apparently about grief and dying and maybe it’s being done by college students? But I could be wrong? ‘Cause uber-depressing plays about death done by college students are always a fun time? Hmmm. Can’t recall the details. Though I think the people going are nice. The frozen tundra has extended to my brain.

A man named Ian has (thank you) commented to mention that Portland apparently has a great theater scene, which makes me very happy. I do love me a good theater scene. Last year when I was scoping out Portland briefly I went to see the Richard Dresser play “Augusta” at Portland Stage, and it was good, though what I really liked was the theatre itself. The script had some problems as I recall. It was a new-ish play at that time, about low-income women who work for a cleaning company in Augusta, Maine, cleaning the summer homes of wealthy clients. Interestingly enough, just before I left Chicago I noticed that American Stage Company is now doing the play, directed by Nora Dunn from Saturday Night Live.

Ian recommended the American Irish Repertory Ensemble, and the Mad Horse Theater, and the North Star Cafe. North Star – check! Just got back from there, saw a great concert. Also, their decaf vanilla chai latte rocked.

On another note, I’m allergic to Maine. How could this be? I’ve had four massive sneezing attacks in the last two weeks – complete with super itchy throat and red, itchy, watery eyes – and normally I get about one a year. A woman at the market, where I was sneezing violently in the cereal section, said “it’s that time of year.” What does this mean? OH NO.



  1. “That time a year?” Are dust mites in bloom??

  2. Hi Anne! Judith just forwarded your web site. And you’re in Maine! Well just barely. Portland is in the far south somewhere. Don’t palm trees grow there? We’re three hours downeast from you and would love to see you! And show you our new house. Hope to move in in a couple more weeks. And show you the real Maine. . . like Castine, Stonington, Jonesport, Machias, and Eastport. The last being the easternmost town in the U.S. It was zero here last night. I’ve heard very fine things about the SALT Institute. Maine Pub Radio occassionally broadcasts pieces SALT created. We almost drove down to Portland for the long weekend.

  3. David, great to hear from you! I would LOVE to see the “real Maine” – I’ve been to Castine once years ago, and just read a mystery novel set in Eastport, so I definitely want to see that too, along with Stonington and Jonesport and Machias.

    I will email you.

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