wintah weathah

February 13, 2008

Oooo, vox pop on the news. “How are you handling the winter weather?” Interesting. Though the reporter is talking to people who are currently out in the weather being pelted by sleeting rain, and in snow and puddles up to their butts, so the only answer I’m prepared to believe is “not very well.” An older man with a great Maine accent just said, “well, it’s wintah. All wintah long.” I love this man. I would like to eat clam chowdah with him.

Plow Cam!

I quite like watching the ticker of closings that scrolls across the news here continually during poor weather. If you are a member of the Rockland Elks Group, please note: Beano has been cancelled.



  1. Isn’t Beano something you take to avoid gas…? Does it have another meaning?

  2. It’s the same thing as bingo here. I don’t know why, it’s weird.

  3. Rather like the news from the Plow Cam, you are told to drive gingerly. Love that.

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