just a quick thought

February 11, 2008

Mark raises an interesting point….he says, in response to the post yesterday about the deep cold,

Cold without snow is like hard work with no reward. It’s like a baby that cries…and doesn’t stop. It’s like seeing a really bad play, but no one will go for stiff drinks afterward.

Last week we had to do a little vox pop project. Vox Pop, we are learning, is short for Voice of the Populi, or Voice of the People. Essentially it’s Man on the Street interviewing – going out and finding a random sampling of people and asking them all the same question. We split up into groups of 3 and 4, and one group came up with the question, “where is your favorite place to go on vacation?” Lots of people said things like Mexico, Greece, Florida, etc. But one man said he wouldn’t go anywhere. He would stay right here; because in Maine you have to “earn your summah.” Without the deep freeze you can’t truly appreciate the warmth.

So Mark, brother-in-law of mine, you are already thinking like a true Mainer. Pack your bags and come on up.



  1. I really like the concept of “earning yur summer.” Like it but don’t want to actually have to do it, especially when it was 70 degrees here on the central coast of California to-day.

  2. If there is a God, Maine will be my destiny. And the destiny of Rosemary. And Charlie. And Jake. And Lucy. How many destinies is that? Is that too many destinies for one family? Is there a cap on family destinies that get fulfilled?

  3. I strenuously object to the idea that cold without snow is a BAD thing. Come here to Chicago, where it has snowed, and then iced over, and then snowed again, and then iced over…creating marvelously treacherous sidewalks and roads everywhere…and then tell me that snow is a GOOD thing!!! Please, come take both the snow AND the cold…I wanna go to Tenerife!

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