it just keeps coming

February 10, 2008

I’m feeling kind of deceived.  The first week I was here…no snow.  Not even particularly cold.  A wee bit chilly, but really just “I suppose I do need a coat” kind of cold, not so much “afraid I’m going to lose a toe” kind of cold.  It was even sunny – blindingly, glaringly sunny – so sunny I regretted not packing a decent pair of sunglasses.  WELL THE JOKE IS ON ME.  Goddamnit Maine.  Knock it off.

Today is Day Five of snow.  I don’t mind the constant brushing off of the car, but I’m getting a little sick of the green wellington boots.   They were fun on the first couple of days – how very Maine! – but now I would like to go back to normal shoes please.  If this snow keeps up there will need to be a purchase made of an entire Wellington Boot Outfit, a la the gear that fly fishermen wear, in rubber up to the armpits.  I will struggle along to school like the jolly green giant.

Yesterday was spent in a town about an hour north of here.  I’d heard that the snow is always worse inland, that Portland benefits from its proximity to water, but holy crap, they’re not kidding.  The pine trees off I-295 were laden with snow, and when we pulled off the highway and drove into town it was amazing to see houses with snow almost up to the window ledges, the only blot on the landscape being the single path carved from the driveway to the front door.



  1. Do we dare to murmur that we told you so?…..

  2. No! I still love it. (Maine.) I just wish there was less of it. (Snow.)

  3. Awwww. See how sweet Maine is? It just doesn’t want you to be homesick. Because while we don’t have snow up to window ledges (yet), it snows approximately every other minute here these days. I’m sure it’s so much more picturesque there. Let us know when you get the Welliesuit! Pics please.

  4. I hope Mark reads this post. He thinks it’s cold here!

  5. Hi Anne! This is the other Anne from the Exeter program. I see you’re experiencing the side of my home state that few tourists get to see, i.e., Deep Winter.

    If you want to upgrade from the Wellingtons (cute as they are), I suggest hitting LL Bean for insulated waterproof winter boots and a massively warm coat. The factory store has deals.


  6. Holy heck, hi! What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Are you in Maine still? We should get together while I’m here. I’ll drop you an email.

  7. Okay….wait….Anne is wearing…A COAT?

    In nine years I don’t think I have ever seen you wear…A COAT. Wow. It MUST be cold and snowy there.

    Well, don’t get homesick – it’s not terribly snowy here but it is ridiculously, digit-bitingly, “Oh, come on, I have to be OUT in this???” kinda cold right now. So enjoy the snow…you’re not missing anything here.

  8. I’m now more jealous than ever. Jean misses the point. Cold without snow is like hard work with no reward. It’s like a baby that cries…and doesn’t stop. It’s like seeing a really bad play, but no one will go for stiff drinks afterward. It’s like taking a cold shower and getting out to discover you have no towel. It’s like…

  9. At least you have pretty mountains to look at , right?

    I’m sick of my purple LLBean boots, warm as they are.

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