naked shakespeare

February 5, 2008

Ok, I get the message. You’re not amazing all the time. This morning you were actually a little bit disgusting. Very wet, very snowy, and remarkably unplowed. But I forgive you.

Because last night? Last night was awesome. You had this whole Naked Shakespeare* thing going on, where actors from around the city all get together in a warm little bar in the Old Port area to drink wine and perform Shakespeare and there’s even audience participation. Basically it’s a whole iambic pentameter love-in, and it’s pretty much kind of free, until you spend $17 on a cosmopolitan and a little pizza with gorgonzola, pear, and honey.

Here’s a little snippet: shakespeare

(*There’s not really a naked part though. Just so you know. That’s just the name.)



  1. Oh, it sounds lovely. Wish I were there.

  2. I love your blog Anne. Thanks for keeping us posted. Linda from Milwaukee

  3. I’m sensing a theme here….naked bike ride, naked shakespeare….what’s next….streaking through the LLBean headquarters?

  4. They ARE open 24 hours.

  5. That sounds WAY fun. We need to find a place to do that here when you get back. Can we really have nakedness in ours though? Not mine maybe, but other people’s?? :)

    Missing you!!!

  6. Naked Shakespeare is a good group, Portland’s got a big theater scene. If you’re interested check out the American Irish Repertory Ensemble (AIRE), Mad Horse Theater and the occasional theatrical shindig at the North Star Cafe over on Washington and Congress by the Munj.

    Good to see folks enjoying Portland, even if it’s been poor weather.

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