the bag

February 3, 2008

Today was very consciously a last day of relaxation before the real work of the next few months begin. Spent the afternoon exploring more of Portland. I parked down in the Old Port and walked through various side streets. Perhaps it was just because it was Sunday, but the city felt free and easy and open today. There is room to breathe here. We are on the edge of the continent.

Found more great local shopping options – Longfellow Books in Monument Square, more coffee houses, and a public market that offered everything from Maine-made syrup to Maine-made bagels to Maine-made salt. The pavements downtown are brick and the streets are a mix of bricks and cobblestones, and though it’s the center of this large city, it feels more like a village.

There is a store called Portmanteau on Free Street which is intimate and welcoming. They make lots of great bags, and their products are so local there is an employee sitting right by the front door stitching up new designs as you come in. I bought a small case for my phone. Developed a deep liking for a large bag that was out of my price range, so I took its picture instead.





When I was done I got back in the car and went for a drive. Pulled up near the bay and a seagull came and sat on my car and stared at me through the windshield. I stared back and we looked at each other for awhile and then it was gone. All in all, a good day.



  1. Anne-

    Can we see pictures of the city itself?


  2. On the day that the Patriots got sadly denied I gladly say yes, I will take lots of city pictures for you. You would love it here. The coffee shops alone have your name written all over them.

  3. All new entries now coming up for me…guess my computer was having some kind of temper-tantrum last Friday. And yes, wanna see photos of the city!!

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