the butter

February 2, 2008

The “buy local” movement is very much in evidence here….signs in shop windows advertise that they sell local goods, cars sport bumper stickers with the “buy local” tag, and the term “Maine Made” is seemingly everywhere. I had dinner last night with the women who own the two-flat that I’m living in, and they were nice enough to give me information on shops that sell locally produced food. Interestingly, Whole Foods is one of them….and it’s only two blocks away.

You know you’ve gotten a little over-excited about the whole thing when you drop (almost) $6.00 on a tub of butter, but it’s kind of hard to snub the local* dairy farmer and walk out with land-o-lakes when the damn tub is just this appealing:



The ingredients are cream and salt. And nothing else. Cool.

(*Note the “made in Westbrook” tag….again with the Westbrook…this town must be some kind of amazing.)



  1. Maybe you should go to Westbrook and find out what the fuss is all about? Beware of Whole Foods, even if it sells local goods. They sold us Charlie’s salmonella-infested Veggie Booty and when I wrote three letters–one to the CEO of the company, one to the Southeastern president, and one to the manager of the local store who sold us the product–I heard nothing back from any of them. I am now boycotting.

  2. I bet that’s good on a nice piece of toast.

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