oh holiday inn off the highway how i love thee

January 29, 2008

This was not the easiest of days. Yesterday was work, drive, work, drive, work, drive. Today was work, work, drive, work, take emergency call at side of road, drive, work, pull over into rest stop to work, drive, drive, work, drive, think about work, work, drive. And it was raining. Grey. 300 miles today. 950 miles total. Under 200 miles left.

At some point, soon after crossing the border into Massachusetts, I started to look for a hotel. It was getting darker, and the Massachusetts thru-way is rather unlit and a little treacherous as you drive over dark wet roads through the Berkshires. I was also more than a bit hungry. One hotel sign popped up just outside Holyoke. Coming down off the crest of the mountain – all of a sudden there is Target. And Barnes & Noble. And the Holiday Inn. How do I accurately describe this hotel?

This Holiday Inn is like Brigadoon. It can’t be real…I check in – the woman behind the counter says, “would you like a drink?”

“A drink?”

“It’s Guests Socialize Happy Hour. Free drinks in the bar!” The check-in girl is very happy about this. I think maybe she’s been socializing.

Well, um, ok.

I go to my room. I pass a courtyard with palm trees. A pool. An arcade game room. Vending machines. Magazines. I’m hungry. I check the room service menu. And there – right there – is a sign that God loves his little children, or at least he loves me. ‘Cause today just got a whole lot better. A fish-a-ma-jig sandwich and a happy ending sundae please, and step on it.


If room service can’t find me, I’ll be in the bar.




  1. Aah, Friendly’s. Do they have Peppermint Stick ice cream? Glad you found civilization through the wild Berkshires.

  2. Actually, Kevin, I think you’re wrong: Vicksburg, Mississippi – certainly the motel had a guest Happy Hour, and we arrived at about that time. But otherwise Vicksburg was a pretty depressing place – we spent the next morning in the battlefield museum (found information about Colonel Cowden there, as I recall) and then toured the battlefield and got so miserable we sneaked out at a side exit halfway through. Holyoke, Massachusetts sounds a lot better, Anne! Glad to think you’re away from the Midwest storms, anyhow. Remember to call us tonight. Love, Mother

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