Somewhere Near Syracuse.

January 28, 2008

400 miles today.  650 down.  450 to go.  Today has been work, drive, work, drive, work, drive, work, drive.

It should be noted that Toledo did not just boast a Friendly’s.  Come daylight it also turned out to boast the Mac Daddy Mother Ship of antique malls.  Aisle upon aisle of underpriced goodness.  I’ll back up a U-Haul come June and make a killing in Chicago.

The glorious bounty delayed the start of my drive by about an hour.  Katie knows the score.  It was just 3 days ago that we talked about this very thing. From The Katie Mac Show, episode 104:





  1. Anne!
    your podcasts are funny. I wonder who the girl is who kissed Matt dillon….I grew up 15 minutes from the Mamaroneck diner! Actually my Dad grew up right there, and worked in rye, I bet he has been to that diner 1000 times.

  2. parenthetically, I was admitted to Syracuse University. It had a good jouirnalism school. The Medill school of journalism at Northwestern was better and the climate, believe it or not, was –is–milder.

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